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Shawn Lee

Senior Scientist

Shawn Lee headshot

Shawn Lee joined New Energy Risk as scientist in 2018 and was promoted to senior scientist in 2022. He is responsible for assessing technical performance risk of first commercialization alternative energy projects including breakthrough technologies in physical and chemical energy storage and organic plastic waste-based petroleum products. Shawn also leads NER’s client monitoring program.

Previously, Shawn worked across multiple technologies in the renewable energy sector. Shawn was a battery engineer at Off.Grid.Electric, an African solar electricity company; a materials scientist at Cuberg, a Cyclotron Road company, developing battery cathode materials; an analyst for a heat pump installation project for a native corporation in rural Alaska and a carbon capture facility on a coal fired power plant for the Wyoming legislature.

Passionate about the impact of energy on cities and populations, Shawn also conducted policy work for the US Senate Energy Committee on domestic interregional transmission demand, the Municipality of Córdoba on sewage system overflows, and the Mexican Senate on bills implementing the right to nutrition and a national framework for urban planning.

In a prior life, Shawn was an entrepreneur starting and running tutoring and catering businesses in the Bay Area. He also pursued his love of cooking and food and interned in a Florentine bakery. Shawn has consulted for youth programs in regional museums in the Bay Area, Hong Kong, Florence, and the south of France.

He completed two MS degrees in Materials Science and Engineering and Decision and Risk Analysis and a BS in Materials Science from Stanford University.

Shawn also performs in Classical Chinese dance groups, is an amateur ceramicist, and advocates for youth transportation access throughout the Bay Area.