Underwriting a Greener Future®

New Energy Risk offers performance insurance solutions that enable our clients to advance breakthrough technologies addressing global challenges

Together with our re/insurance partners, we transfer specific and carefully calibrated technology and financial risks to the insurance markets. This is the most effective way to ensure our clients get the financial and customer support they need to accelerate their innovations


To date, our clients have unlocked over $4 billion for the development of new and renewable clean energy technologies and other imperative projects

Our typical client lacks extensive long-term performance data at a commercial scale

A lack of data hinders revolutionary technologies from securing financing, going to market, and achieving mass customer adoption. Our proprietary, technoeconomic modeling assesses the uncertainty around technology performance and reliability—as well as the relevant economics—by outlining realistic outcomes of a project or technology. With our insurance solutions, our clients can:

Access Efficient Capital

We design insurance solutions that ultimately mitigate risk for capital providers, which reduces the need for high-interest debt; with better financing terms for our clients, the overall cost of capital decreases and profits increase

Accelerate Time to Market

We provide The Power of Certainty™ that deals will close, and close faster, when financiers and/or customers are supported by our performance insurance solutions

Achieve Commercial Scale

We design insurance solutions that backstop technology warranties, even for first-of-a-kind projects, so that our clients can instead focus on commercialization and scaling their operations

Our services can help you achieve your goals with The Power of Certainty™

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Client Testimonials

Jim McDermott headshot

If you have innovative technology but you’re having trouble convincing financers to support you, New Energy Risk is the partner you need to bridge that gap. They have the engineering prowess to understand what you’re trying to do and the translational skills to pull the financial implications from the technical risk—and they’re able to do it better than anyone else I know.
Jim McDermott, Founder & Executive Chairman, Fulcrum BioEnergy

Scott Reynolds headshot

With New Energy Risk’s help, we were able to close financing and reduce the cost of our capital, which allowed us to deliver a more competitively priced product to our end users. They help you cross the chasm. They help you go from early-stage development to mainstream by doing extremely thorough technical risk assessment and managing risks others do not have the quantitative ability to model and understand.
Scott Reynolds, Managing Director, Bloom Energy

Scott Healy headshot

New Energy Risk’s ability to understand our proprietary technology and to tailor their technology insurance solution on a timely basis to meet key financing needs was integral to the ultimate success of [our] project financing.
Scott Healy, SVP & Chief Financial Officer, Brightmark