Underwriting a Greener Future®


Founded in 2010, the mission of New Energy Risk is to accelerate the deployment of breakthrough technologies that address global challenges. Our platform allows flexibility wherever we can evaluate new technology performance to facilitate risk transfer and growth. With an original focus on renewable energy, today we have provided and/or are developing support for clients working within a variety of sectors including:

Renewable Energy

Fuel Cells

Energy Storage

Energy Efficiency

Waste to Energy

Power Generation

Biofuels & Chemicals




Water Treatment

Indoor Farming

Industrial Processes

Carbon Capture

Biomass Processing

Anaerobic Digesters



We have a wide range of clients and partners that know us well and help us curate a high-quality pipeline; our deep and varied relationships put us at the center of valuable networks in technology development, global insurance, and finance markets. This unique access is one of our strategic advantages. Since 2022, NER is a wholly-owned division of Paragon Insurance Holdings.

Our model-enabled performance insurance solutions facilitate policies that are issued by one of the affiliate companies of AXA XL or Markel, with $5 million-$200+ million in capacity, for terms of up to 15+ years. Policies may cover but are not limited to performance risks associated with:

  • Commissioning
  • Operating/Production
  • Warranty
  • Business Interruption
  • Revenue Swap
  • Feedstock Supply
  • Tax Recapture
  • Other


We are proud that our client portfolio includes decarbonizing technologies including fuel cells, energy storage, energy savings, waste to value including new and renewable fuels, carbon capture, and other innovations with environmental benefits. Read our 2020 Sustainability Report

Our clients’ annual sustainability impact includes (as of 2021):

449K Tons/Year
Waste Processing

Reducing landfills and building a circular economy, NER clients convert trash including household waste, nonrecycled plastic, and woody biomass into valuable products like transportation fuels and specialty waxes

This is the amount of trash produced each year by 501,859 US residents

1.6M MWh/Year
Clean Energy Generated

Reducing dependence on aging centralized power grids, NER clients provide customers with reliable power that’s better for the environment

This is the amount of power used per year by 150,331 US homes

50M Gal/Year
Alternative Fuel Produced

Reducing transportation’s dependence on petroleum, NER clients provide customers with better fuels by circulating waste back into the value chain as a solution for overflowing local landfills, reducing long-term greenhouse gas emissions

This is the amount of fuel used per year by 98,480 US drivers

474K Tons/Year
CO2e Avoided

Preventing harmful greenhouse gas emissions, NER clients are transitioning society to greater sustainability through a variety of practices, which displace carbon dioxide and its equivalents to slow down our worsening climate crisis

This is the amount from flying roundtrip, NYC to SFO, by 643,756 passengers

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Their insurance solution is a unicorn in this industry.
Jay Schabel, President, Plastics Division, Brightmark