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Your Project Finance Should Be a Fat Bear

Debt is to project finance as fat is to bears. Hear me out.

Interview: Jay Schabel, President of Brightmark Energy Plastics Division

NER worked closely with RES Polyflow to ensure the cost-effective capitalization of its plastics waste-to-value facility in Ashland, IN, USA; Sherry interviews its CEO, Jay Schabel, now with Brightmark Energy.

A Plan B for Air Quality

The great irony for the Trump administration, and all those fighting against California’s clean-air waiver, is that if they “succeed” and auto fuel-economy stagnates, the resulting increased demand for liquid fuels will further enhance the value of the LCFS credit.

No, we’re not running out of Helium

We do have periodic helium shortages (there have been 3 in the last 15 years). But this is fundamentally a supply/demand issue (and public policy issue, too).

Bioproducts are Seeing Major Tailwinds in Renewable Tech

Has Silicon Valley forgotten about cleantech after failures in solar, wind and batteries? Not quite! Several new and exciting renewable technologies are coming to market.

How to Avoid Looking like Theranos when Building Breakthrough Technology

To bring breakthrough innovations to market you need to demonstrate that the technology isn’t magic.

Advice for Innovators: Keep it Real

Stop trying to control things and let go of the handlebars.