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Interview: Sue Coates, Trident Public Risk Solutions

Sherry Huang speaks with Sue Coates, President of Trident Public Risk Solutions, about leadership, public entities, and paying it forward.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel

The US Treasury Releases Guidance on SAF Emissions Rates, but How Many Questions Does it Answer?

Last week, the Treasury released their long-anticipated guidance [1] on emissions rate calculations for the 40B sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) tax…

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crane at Tottenham Hale Haringey

Split-Form Contracting: A Project Contracting Form Extolled by Experts, But Can Investors and Lenders Accept It?

One of the biggest challenges to developing a bankable project is the contracting structure for engineering, procurement and construction.…

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wind turbines in water

Can the US Look to the East for Lessons in Wind Deployment?

Taiwan is implementing an ambitious program of offshore wind development and has had to take some bold steps to make it happen. Meanwhile, the US…

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Simulated distortions by substituting Copper centers

An Exciting Week in Material Science

On Friday afternoon, three Korean researchers released two pre-prints (draft papers not yet reviewed by third party peers or editors) claiming to…

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man on ladder lighting vintage street light

A Guide to Gasification – How Gasification Is Paving the Way for Sustainability

One of the technology platforms which NER frequently review is gasification. This important process contributes to the production of low-carbon fuels…

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empty plastic bottles

The Evolving Advanced Recycling Supply Chain – The Importance of an Industry Feed Specification

A key challenge for advanced plastics recycling project is securing a reliable, standardized feedstock from a supply chain geared towards mechanical…

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Vinita speaking in front of crowd

Interview: Vinita Jajware-Beatty, Enkompass

Sherry Huang speaks with Vinita Jajware-Beatty, COO of Enkompass, about leadership, success and aligning work with values.

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Denise Olson headshot

Interview: Denise Olson, Zurich

Sherry Huang speaks with Denise Olson, Zurich's head of Programs, about her career trajectory, ambitions, and passions (insurance included!).

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Joe Manchin speaking at podium

Opponents Of Joe Manchin’s Permitting Reform Demonstrate Why We Need Permitting Reform

Senator Manchin's IRA support is conditioned on environmental permitting reform to benefit clean and fossil technologies alike.

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steam cracking furnaces

A Primer on Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis is one example of the innovative technologies that we evaluate and support. This primer is Part 1 in our series that takes a closer look at…

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headshot of smiling older woman

Interview: Kathleen Carey, Paragon

Following NER's acquisition by Paragon Insurance Holdings, Sherry Huang spoke with Paragon's vice president of underwriting operations, Kathleen…

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