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Can the US Look to the East for Lessons in Wind Deployment?

Taiwan is implementing an ambitious program of offshore wind development and has had to take some bold steps to make it happen. Meanwhile, the US aims to achieve similar goals.

Simulated distortions by substituting Copper centers
An Exciting Week in Material Science

On Friday afternoon, three Korean researchers released two pre-prints (draft papers not yet reviewed by third party peers or editors) claiming to have made a superconductor that works at room temperature and pressure [2]. This is an exciting claim...

A Guide to Gasification – How Gasification Is Paving the Way for Sustainability

One of the technology platforms which NER frequently review is gasification. This important process contributes to the production of low-carbon fuels and the development of a more circular economy. In this post, Brad Price explores the history and uses of gasification and how it can support a more sustainable economy.

The Evolving Advanced Recycling Supply Chain – The Importance of an Industry Feed Specification

A key challenge for advanced plastics recycling project is securing a reliable, standardized feedstock from a supply chain geared towards mechanical recycling. This post explores the needs of advanced recycling plants and the plastics supply chain.

Interview: Vinita Jajware-Beatty, Enkompass

Sherry Huang speaks with Vinita Jajware-Beatty, COO of Enkompass, about leadership, success and aligning work with values.

Interview: Denise Olson, Zurich

Sherry Huang speaks with Denise Olson, Zurich's head of Programs, about her career trajectory, ambitions, and passions (insurance included!).

Opponents Of Joe Manchin’s Permitting Reform Demonstrate Why We Need Permitting Reform

Senator Manchin's IRA support is conditioned on environmental permitting reform to benefit clean and fossil technologies alike.

A Primer on Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis is one example of the innovative technologies that we evaluate and support. This primer is Part 1 in our series that takes a closer look at some of these innovations.

Interview: Kathleen Carey, Paragon

Following NER's acquisition by Paragon Insurance Holdings, Sherry Huang spoke with Paragon's vice president of underwriting operations, Kathleen Carey, about her career and company growth.

Build Back Better Isn’t Enough: Enact Regulatory Reform to Unlock Climate Investment

Government needs to fix policy that stimulates pro-climate grants and tax incentives without addressing structural supply limitations.

Volcanic Eruptions Can Cool the Climate, But Hunga-Tonga Won’t

Early data from last weekend’s eruption indicated it was much too small to have any meaningful impact on climate change.

Interview: Sanchali Pal, Joro

Curious about Joro’s mission to help consumers with their 'carbon intuition,' Sherry Huang spoke with CEO Sanchali Pal about her company's vision.

The New Infrastructure Bill Looks to Solve a Clean Energy ‘Valley of Death’

Established under the DOE, a new office includes almost $21.5 billion to advance new climate technologies in the coming years.

The Shortest Path to Circular Plastics Is Through the Chemical Companies

Successfully dealing with plastic’s environmental impact requires enabling circularity for the plastics that will continue to be used in our modern economy.

Interview: Katie Mehnert and Shanta Eaden, ALLY Energy

Inspired by ALLY’s mission to create an equitable energy transition, Sherry Huang spoke with Katie Mehnert and Shanta Eaden about their vision for ALLY Energy.

The Supreme Court Deals Ethanol a Blow by Undermining the Renewable Fuel Standard

The win for the refiners at the Supreme Court undercuts the RFS, opening it to further political meddling.

Preview: Project Finance Playbook

Announcing the Project Finance Playbook, a whitepaper demonstrating how project finance is superior for financing first commercial-scale infrastructure facility.

Interview: Dr. Jessica Morris, Expert Engineer in Atmospheric Dispersion, Exponent

Dr. Morris is an advocate for women and children entering STEM career paths and is an expert engineer in fluid dynamics & safety in the field of atmospheric dispersion.

Building a Better Backstop

Understand how government loan guarantees and private-sector solutions work in a downside scenario, which has significant impacts on project owners, equity investors, workers, and other stakeholders.

Oil and Ethanol Fight at the Supreme Court Over the Word “Extension”

Both the corn and oil industries will be watching for a final opinion: Is the EPA’s authority broad or limited when it comes to RFS waivers?

Meeting Biden’s Climate Goals Requires Giving Exxon a Seat at the Table

Earth Day 2021 saw the release of major climate announcements from players seemingly on opposite sides of the greenhouse gas and carbon capture debate.

Blackouts in Texas and California Teach a Hard Lesson

Some blame wind and renewables for the issues plaguing Texas. But supposedly resilient fossil-fired assets are actually having the greatest impact.

Carbon Capture: 11 Highlights From the Finalized 45Q Rules

The final IRS guidance on carbon capture's 45Q is here; we've summarized its 187 pages into 11 key highlights that investors need now.

Interview: Kara Owens, Global Executive Underwriting Officer – Cyber & ESG

Kara Owens of Markel shares the story of her career journey, loads of advice for those rising in the insurance industry, and updates on her latest ESG initiatives.

$100 Million from Elon Musk Won’t Enable Carbon Capture

Musk’s donation will surely lead to technological advances. However, a Silicon Valley mindset is the wrong fit for this important industry.

Interview: Audrey Lee, PhD, Clean Energy Senior Executive

Audrey has an impressive background with a wealth of diverse experiences; she now works for a special purpose acquisition company with a focus on sustainability and clean energy.

One Small Step for Torrefaction, One Giant Leap for the Bioeconomy

Commissioning of the US’s first commercial torrefaction facility is a milestone in its own right, and a potential game-changer for the bioeconomy’s inroads against fossil fuels.

Trump Embraces Corn Ethanol As The Election Draws Near

The Trump administration has typically sided with the oil lobby, but with support for Trump dipping across the Midwest, it has turned to farmers.

Interview: Connie Joe, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Bank of the West

Connie Joe, CSR officer with Bank of the West talks with NER's Sherry Huang about her career enabling new ventures in banking.

A Unanimous FERC Decision Saves Net Metering

Yet the future of the popular program remains uncertain. For those considering a solar purchase, the time may be now.

A Renewable Future Is on the Horizon

Dominion Energy, not generally known as a leader in clean or renewable technologies, has begun restructuring its generation portfolio to cleaner sources. Public policy works.

Sunrun’s Vivint Acquisition Creates the Leader in an Evolving Residential Solar Market

Residential solar power is a cutthroat business that favors those with more efficient customer acquisition strategies and access to cheap capital. Sunrun has acquired Vivint creating an undisputed king.

California’s Electric Truck Mandate Looks to Address Social and Environmental Injustice

The Golden State is once again setting the standard for others to follow, with justice for all.

Congress Is Mulling Renewable Energy Stimulus: They Should Think Bigger

What’s important now is to match the scale of the solution to the scale of the problem.

IRS Rules for 45Q Tax Credit Clear Path for US Carbon Capture Projects

On May 28, 2020, the IRS issued new guidance, which finally answers all of the major remaining questions on the 45Q tax credit. This clears the way for critical US carbon capture projects.

Renewable Natural Gas Can’t Deliver The Carbon Neutral Future We Need

RNG is demonstrably better than fossil gas, but the production of RNG at scales that rival our natural gas demand will also be more carbon-intensive than alternative solutions to decarbonize the gas grid.

Corona-Lockdowns Shutter Vital Research

The gatherings that are the lifeblood of modern research have stopped as COVID-19 has shuttered labs and facilities worldwide. Despite this unprecedented setback, there is some hope on the horizon.

$40 Oil Will Return: This Isn’t the End of Fossil Fuels

This moment represents a stunning new chapter in the ongoing oil crisis and the last few weeks have demonstrated in hyperdrive how the oil endgame will play out.

Advanced Biofuels Cushioned Against Oil’s Crash

Oil prices are cratering, but there is a silver lining for advanced biofuels.

Getting the Kinks Out

It’s important for us to monitor old and new regulations, and to consider case studies that teach us how the businesses we work with might need to adapt, both commercially and technologically.

Coronavirus Won’t Change Minds on Climate Change

In the absence of forceful government action, activists must stay on the front lines.

Troubles in the Fracking Industry Are Nothing to Celebrate

For those fighting climate change, the damage that American frackers are experiencing should be sobering.

Renewables Poised to Clean Up from Oil’s Price Spill

The oil market has changed dramatically in the last three weeks but renewables are financial safe bets.

Farm or Fossil: The Battle for the RFS Rages On

For those of us following biofuels, there was an interesting bit of news last week that barely registered in the press outside of Houston and Des Moines, but that will impact everything from the price of corn to the price you pay for gas at the pump.

Sustainable Aviation Fuels: Ready for Takeoff

Major airlines are committing to sustainable aviation fuels, but could be doing much more, and offsets are not the answer.

Dark Thoughts: Solar is Useless for Ice Cream Lovers

Working in the insurance industry where I think often about risk makes me wonder if the northern California power shut offs are really helping reduce fire risk, or just reducing PG&E’s exposure.

Fattening Your Loan Life Coverage Ratio

Debt is to project finance as fat is to bears. Hear me out.

Jay Schabel
Interview: Jay Schabel, President of Brightmark Energy Plastics Division

NER worked closely with RES Polyflow to ensure the cost-effective capitalization of its plastics waste-to-value facility in Ashland, IN, USA; Sherry interviews its CEO, Jay Schabel, now with Brightmark Energy.

A Plan B for Air Quality

The great irony for the Trump administration, and all those fighting against California’s clean-air waiver, is that if they “succeed” and auto fuel-economy stagnates, the resulting increased demand for liquid fuels will further enhance the value of the LCFS credit.

No, we’re not running out of Helium

We do have periodic helium shortages (there have been 3 in the last 15 years). But this is fundamentally a supply/demand issue (and public policy issue, too).

Bioproducts are Seeing Major Tailwinds in Renewable Tech

Has Silicon Valley forgotten about cleantech after failures in solar, wind and batteries? Not quite! Several new and exciting renewable technologies are coming to market.

How to Avoid Looking like Theranos when Building Breakthrough Technology

To bring breakthrough innovations to market you need to demonstrate that the technology isn’t magic.

Advice for Innovators: Keep it Real

Stop trying to control things and let go of the handlebars.