Krista Sutton

Principal Process Engineer

Krista Sutton joined New Energy Risk in November 2022 as principal engineer. Krista brings a breadth of knowledge in the downstream oil & gas industry and has been involved in the design, commissioning, startup, optimization, and day-to-day operations of multibillion-dollar refining assets around the world. Krista has a passion for technology development especially for the purpose of advancing the energy transition.

Prior to joining NER, Krista worked for a major international oil & gas company. Her varied career has included the design, operation and optimization of many fuels’ technologies including experience in treatment of both conventional and biofuels. Krista has been involved in the proposal, design, and startup up phases of renewable diesel units throughout her career including the startup and commissioning of the first Ecofining unit during her time with UOP. Her combination of both technical expertise and hands-on operating experience makes her an asset to the NER team.

Krista received her BS degree in Chemical Engineering with minors in Environmental Engineering, Bioengineering and Material Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Outside of work, Krista enjoys traveling, mountaineering, backpacking, and hiking with her family.