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New Energy Risk Back $260M Plastics-to-Fuel Plan with Innovative Insurance Solution

Breakthrough insurance program mitigates project risk and accelerates time to market

Bioproducts are Seeing Major Tailwinds in Renewable Tech

Has Silicon Valley forgotten about cleantech after failures in solar, wind and batteries? Not quite! Several new and exciting renewable technologies are coming to market.

New Innovative Insurance Instruments Will Accelerate Project Development And Deployment For TRI Biorefineries

Sector-leading provider New Energy Risk now offering insurance solutions for projects using TRI's equipment and technology

Insurance for TCG Global’s gasifiers

New Energy Risk’s new performance insurance for TCG Global’s gasifiers and a significant project advance from Velocys in the UK are on the docket today.

Finance, not technology

To compete with lithium-ion, flow battery costs need to come down; insurance could help bridge that gap.

More Money Flows to Flow Batteries

Iron flow battery maker ESS raised $13 million in a Series B round, expanding the pool of cash available to upstart alternative storage companies.

Turning Garbage to Jet Fuel

Insurance solution provides performance coverage for the output of Fulcrum's garbage-to-fuels plant

I Don’t Like Losses, Sport

The invention of bioeconomy risk insurance and Fulcrum BioEnergy’s leap to scale.