NER 2023 Sustainability Report

Sustainability is at New Energy Risk’s core, highlighted in detail in our 2023 NER Sustainability Report. Our business model delivers performance insurance solutions to a wide range of energy technologies and related infrastructure projects and technologies that have a major impact on our world, from reducing emissions to creating more sustainable fuels, to finding new uses for municipal and industrial wastes, to new models for low-carbon transportation. We help drive these technologies to scale and foster greater customer adoption to accelerate a more sustainable society.

Read NER’s latest sustainability report from our CEO, Tom Dickson, Chief Actuary and Managing Director of Underwriting Development, Sherry Huang, Senior Scientist, Shawn Lee and Manager of Business Development, Richard Riley. The report details the results of the sustainability efforts of NER’s client portfolio, where innovations to reduce carbon intensity for fuels and power, as well as to promote the circular economy and curb waste, have delivered measurable results amid the energy transition.

NER Sustainability Report 2023