A Process For Growth

New Energy Risk is a solutions-first based business for our clients

We believe tomorrow’s technologies should be measured by the most recent developments and insights in science, engineering, and data versus statistics from the past.  To achieve this goal, we created a new, non-siloed approach to determine the most rigorous and accurate measurement of risk available in the industry today. Our process starts with an extensive review of engineering and design reports and test data with our prospect’s leadership team.  We follow that with onsite facility visits to explore and understand the technology testing and development and start to quantify uncertainty and variability.

Throughout this deep technology assessment we integrate our findings with the specific use case, economics, and financing plan. This proprietary technoeconomic risk model enables us to provide custom solutions for each technology and/or project.

This streamlined process is designed to address the varying levels of technical risk associated with new technology, business growth or project debt financing, which is often intrinsically complicated and typically involves multiple constituents.

Sample checklist


  • Performance data review
  • Independent engineer’s report and EPC
  • Manufacturing plan
  • Operations and maintenance plan
  • Design review


  • Debt service coverage ratio
  • Alignment of interest between all parties
  • Project cash flow & reserves
  • Loss calculation
  • Value of insurance

Performance Insurance

  • Policy coverage
  • Claims processing
  • Covenants and exclusions
  • EPC - Commissioning
  • Tracking account
  • Performance monitoring and reporting

Based on our extensive expertise in engineering, finance and risk analysis, our team is able to effectively address all requirements in the project debt financing cycle.  This results in tailor-made, cost-effective solutions, built around the right amount of risk, and covering both short and long-term performance risk.

Because our analytic methods are transparent and grounded in solid engineering, data analytics and finance, insurance coverage can be provided based on our risk assessment.  And, our deep industry experience, relationships, and reputation provide the ability to implement these solutions with best-in-class insurance and reinsurance carriers in our network.