Matt Lucas, PhD

Advisor, Business Development

Dr. Matt Lucas joined New Energy Risk in 2016 as a technology diligence consultant and came on full time in 2019 as managing director of business development.  Matt now serves as an advisor to New Energy Risk, supporting the team in the areas of business development.

Prior to his current position, Matt was a technology scout for Siemens TTB, its corporate venture and startup partnership group, where he focused on data analytics for industrial systems. Moving from scouting to operating companies, he was an early employee at three hard-tech startups, all university spinoffs, where he held both technology and business development responsibilities. Translating his lessons from the trenches, Matt more recently launched a pre-seed startup accelerator to support innovators converting waste-to-value as part of a climate non-profit, raising $10M in grants and equity.

Matt received his master’s and PhD from UC Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering while conducting research in an inorganic chemistry lab, so his technical background spans both engineering and the physical sciences. Matt earned his BS from Harvard, also in Mechanical Engineering.

Away from work, you can find Matt running in the mornings, honing his cooking skills, remodeling his fixer-upper, and trying to keep up with his daughter.