About Us

Empowering innovators to transform revolutionary concepts into revolutionary processes.

New Energy Risk was founded in 2010 with a mission to catalyze large-scale deployment of breakthrough technologies in renewable energy production, biofuels, energy storage, as well as specialty chemical and industrial processes. Our philosophy is simple: risk surrounding new technologies needs to be measured by new models to facilitate risk transfer and growth. Our services include helping companies prepare to scale asset installation with debt financing, increase customer adoption, and expand their technologies geographically.

A critical and common barrier for companies at the project financing stage is securing non-dilutive capital before performance of their technologies has been proven to be reliable. By accurately assessing and mitigating this technical risk, emerging industry leaders are able to get the most cost-effective financing quickly and confidently.

New Energy Risk is an affiliate company of  AXA XL [1], and was formed to partner with brokers, project developers, technology developers and operators (clients), and financiers to help evaluate risk and design insurance solutions that efficiently address the technology risk, reducing uncertainty associated with new and relatively unproven technologies and processes.

Our approach and impact

We work closely with companies to accelerate their growth to market and achieve commercial scale. Whether you are growing your business or preparing for large-scale deployment, then New Energy Risk is a great partner for you.

We get it

New Energy Risk’s approach is designed to help your business scale….fast.

We see it

Our proprietary models are able to effectively assess and analyze performance risk in the latest technologies.

We know it

Our team has deep domain expertise across multiple verticals including engineering, finance, underwriting, actuarial and legal.

We have it

We offer a strategic advantage given our unique access and networks in both the global insurance and finance markets.

[1] New Energy Risk offers solutions underwritten by Indian Harbor Insurance Company, an AXA XL insurance company. AXA XL is a division of AXA Group providing products and services through four business groups: AXA XL Insurance, AXA XL Reinsurance, AXA XL Art & Lifestyle and AXA Risk Consulting. AXA XL’s core operating insurance and reinsurance companies have one or more of the following financial strength ratings: A.M Best A+, S&P AA-, Fitch AA-, Moody’s A1.